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Touring & Experiences

We will not show you an extensive touring menu. We will not take you to the Small or Grand Circuit like everybody else. Instead, our tour masters with over a decade long experience in the area will discuss your wishes with you and design a bespoke, tailor made tour for you. With us it's all about experiences rather than ticking the boxes of “should sees” and rushing from site to site. It's also about knowing the best time to be at certain spots and how to navigate areas with (too) many visitors.
The splendour of Angkor should be appreciated slowly and with us you are in the perfect hands.

 Tour and Experiences

Intrigued? With every confirmed booking we will send a sample of our tours as a taster of things to come and all your touring can either be designed upon your arrival or before. During the high season (November - February) we recommend that we assign a knowledgeable guide for you as well as vehicle with a dedicated driver, the touring element can be refined later.

In the peak season tour guides do indeed get booked up and we may not have enough reserves for last minute requests.

Tour and Experience

Siem Reap, however, is not all just about the temples. There are plethora of things to keep you occupied and entertained. Whether you wish to enjoy a relaxing massage, explore the picturesque countryside, visit the floating and stilted communities of the Tonle Sap lake, pay a visit to the Phare Circus or learn how to spin your own tea pot, we have all the necessary contacts in our directory. Please spend a few minutes with our concierge staff who will be happy to recommend activities fitting your requirements.


Temple Visit Dress Code 

  • Long trousers to cover your knees
  • Long top to cover your shoulders
  • Any kind of shoes are allowed
  • Scarf is not allowed to cover

Temple Pass

  • You are required to take a photograph for the ticket process
  • 1 day pass is cost at USD 37.00 per person , 2 or 3 days pass is cost at USD 62.00 per person and 7 days pass is cost at USD 72.00
  • The working time start at 5:00am to 17:30pm everyday
  • Visiting hours start from 5:30am to 17:30pm everyday
  • The pass can not be CHANGED or REFUNDED at a later time. You can visit all the temples within Angkor complex, except KOULEN Mountain and BENG MEALEA where you need to buy a different ticket
  • The passes for the next day are sold from 17:00pm everyday with free sunset visit on purchase date
  • Please keep your ticket with you during your visit. For any loss, tear, wet, damage or photograph can not be read, you will have to buy a new one. The one week pass is usually been laminated
  • Children under 12 yeas old are not required to buy the ticket or entrance pass with showing their passport for reference.


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